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The Optimos Solutions Vision.

Optimos Solutions aims to be the leading provider of advanced solutions for the management of water quality and water treatment processes. We will provide the highest level of support to our municipal, commercial and industrial customers.

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Risk Edge

Working with Optimos to implement advanced solutions such as LiquID™, Risk Edge can help you optimise your business through analysis, interpretation and effective risk management.Learn More

LiquID™ Station

The ZAPS LiquID™ Station is a unique and powerful real time water quality monitoring technology. Optimos Solutions is the exclusive dealer of the ZAPS LiquID™ in Australia and New Zealand.Learn More

Ayyeka Wavelet

The Ayyeka Wavelet Kit is a plug and play solution that fills the gap between field measurements and having the data where you want it, when you want it. Simple and affordable to buy, install and operate, the Wavelet makes remote monitoring practical and economically feasible at any scale from a single point to the largest network.Learn More


The AWG CBOM process changes the rules of municipal wastewater treatment. Without reliance on biological treatment, CBOM provides high quality treated wastewater at both low capital and operating costs, while able to handle rapidly varying throughput.Learn More

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