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One of the most important themes for the water industry in the 21st century is “Water Security” which has been defined as:

“The certainty that a community can have, that its water needs will be met in the future on an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable basis -the needs being

  • Safe and affordable drinking water
  • Water to support industry and agriculture
  • Water management to create liveable communities
  • Water to protect the environment”

Over the last few years, driven by increasing urban populations, variable rainfall patterns and lack of investment in centralised urban water infrastructure, water security is increasingly under threat both globally and also in parts of Australia. There is pressure on urban utilities to drive additional production through existing facilities, as well as to find alternative sources of water.

The increasing demand for drinking water in urban communities is reducing the quantity and quality of source waters for existing treatment facilities. Decentralised treatment facilities processing rainwater, surface water and groundwater, and recycling facilities for stormwater, greywater and sewage are emerging as direct and indirect supplements to traditional water sources. At the same time, the industry is under increasing pressure to lower costs while regulators demand higher levels of risk management in an effort to keep pace with the rapid change from the traditional model.

Based in Sydney, Australia, Optimos Solutions was founded by Phil Krasnostein who has over 40 years’ experience in engineering and process industries, including several years in the highly regulated Australian urban water recycling sector.

Optimos is assembling a portfolio of cutting-edge solutions aimed at helping to improve water security. We aim to provide the highest level of support to our municipal, commercial and industrial customers. In addition to outstanding products and services, our people and alliance partners bring vast experience and domain knowledge right across the entire water cycle.

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Our Vision
To be the leading provider of advanced solutions for improved water security. We will provide the highest level of support to our municipal, commercial and industrial customers.
What We Do

Optimos has built its reputation on the supply, installation and management of the world’s most advanced real-time water quality monitoring systems.

Recently, we have expanded our real time monitoring and data analytics portfolio by adding the Ayyeka Wavelet.

To support our customers in the implementation of these technologies, Optimos also:

  • Together with our alliance partner, Risk Edge, provides advice on their use as key components of our customers’ risk management and compliance strategies.
  • Provides advice on their use in the management of our customers’ catchments, water and wastewater treatment, recycling and distribution systems.
  • Can Integrate these technologies with complementary water quality monitoring sensors and value-adding data analytics systems. In addition Optimos designs and builds specialised water quality monitoring and dosing systems, incorporating technology from these and other leading suppliers. We have the in-house knowledge and skills to identify the most appropriate technologies to meet your specific requirements, and to implement them in your water treatment facilities.

To further support our water security solutions initiative, Optimos also offers the first of a portfolio of specialised treatment systems – the AWG CBOM wastewater treatment technology.

How We Work

While our technologies are widely applicable and versatile, every application is different. In some applications, they are stand-alone solutions, in other applications they will form part of the solution in conjunction with other selected technologies. We start by working with our customers to ensure that we understand and fully define their requirements, and to configure the solution specifically for their needs. Optimos then manages the supply, installation, commissioning and handover of the system, and at the customer’s request, provides ongoing preventive maintenance and management services.

To complement the above, Optimos has recently partnered with Risk Edge and Global Environment Corporation to provide a range of data management solutions, an approach we call AquaSentric. The AquaSentric solutions are flexible and configurable, and are designed to assist in the areas of:

  • Risk management and regulatory compliance
  • Water cycle governance
  • Improved process management

Meet Our Team

Phil Krasnostein<br />
<em>BE (Chem) Hons</em>
Phil Krasnostein
BE (Chem) Hons
Optimos was founded by Phil Krasnostein, a chemical engineer with more than 40 years of technical and management experience in a range of process and engineering based industries. Prior to forming Optimos, Phil spent 8 years leading the technical and commercial development of an innovative urban water recycling technology. The experience and knowledge gained, working in this highly regulated area, was the key driver in formulating the strategic thrust for Optimos – to offer a portfolio of advanced technology solutions, together a high level of technical support – targeted at helping our customers improve the management of water quality and water treatment processes.

Dr Annette Davison
Dr Annette Davison
Annette is a microbiologist and paralegal with over 25 years experience in the water, environment and biotechnology industries. Annette is highly regarded throughout the Australian and International water industry, in which she consults widely to utilities, regulators (including the WHO) and private companies. Annette is the principal of Risk Edge – a specialist risk management practice that she founded, and a member of the Optimos Technical Advisory Board. Annette is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. She holds a PhD in environmental microbiology, and a Masters in Environmental and Local Government Law, specializing most recently in water utility governance, auditing and business optimisation.
Daniel Drew
Daniel Drew
Daniel is an analytical chemist with more than 40 years experience in industry. Daniel has been the founder of several successful analytical and environmental consulting businesses in Australia. He is the principal of Global Environment Corporation, and a member of the Optimos Technical Advisory Board.
Glenn Leishman
Glenn Leishman
Glenn is a highly skilled and experienced multi-disciplinary engineer, with a long track record of achievements in technology and product development and project management in industries including water treatment, medical devices and light manufacturing. He is an “old-school” engineer with the drive and ability to solve complex problems, in innovative ways. Glenn is the principal of Nebconsult and is Optimos’s technical services manager.
Dr Simon Tannock
Dr Simon Tannock
Simon’s expertise is in microalgae and wastewater treatment. As the founder of NualgiEnviro, Simon works with utilities and water managers to improve water health and reduce the presence of toxic algae blooms in a range of scenarios. Simon has many years experience in designing and managing the implementation of pilot plant research projects.  At Optimos Simon is the Technical Specialist – Applications.
Sonia Garcia Gonzalez
Sonia Garcia Gonzalez
Sonia is Optimos’s Administration Manager. A woman of many talents with experience as Administrative and Personal Assistant in both small business and big corporations. She is a dedicated and technically astute business professional with a versatile and complete administrative support skill set. At Optimos she ensures all support activities are carried out efficiently and effectively, allowing her sales and technical colleagues to operate in clear air.
Neil Mackay
Neil Mackay

Neil has held a number of CEO and senior management roles in a wide variety of industries in New Zealand, UK, Hong Kong and Australia including; power construction, manufacturing, sales and distribution, financial services and the public service.

He was the inaugural Chief Executive of Industry New Zealand, a crown entity which was responsible for the development and implementation of strategies and programmes for industry, business and regional development.

Neil is currently an executive director of Green Chip Ltd which is supporting innovative companies to scale up their business. He is also a director of a number of new technology companies in Polymer, Metal (including Titanium) & Ceramic Injection Moulding sectors and in the water & wastewater sector.