A unique offering from Ayyeka Technologies enables “out-of-the box” remote monitoring of a wide range of parameters.  The Wavelet based modular solutions are designed for smart water network, smart grid, oil & gas, civil infrastructure, environmental, and smart city applications.

Ayyeka’s end-to-end remote monitoring solutions streamline and secure the process of bringing field data to decision makers and SCADA systems, enabling smart infrastructure and environmental networks, without requiring complex and costly IT and engineering projects.

The Wavelet, a next-generation remote monitoring platform, is the core of Ayyeka’s technology. Ayyeka’s Wavelet kits offer a cyber-secure, autonomous, and comprehensive solution incorporating all components and services required for remote infrastructure and environmental monitoring.

By partnering with leading international sensor suppliers, Ayyeka has put together an unparalleled portfolio of standard, pre-configured and tested Wavelet kits covering an extraordinary range of parameters, including:

  • Water quality – pH, ORP, Turbidity, Dissolved Oxygen, Chlorine, Conductivity, Temperature, Organics, PTSA, Fluorescein, Chlorophyll, Phycocyanin, Peracetic Acid
  • Water engineering – Flow, Level (Depth), Pressure (a wide range of submerged and non-contact sensors are available)
  • Environmental – Air Quality, Temperature, Barometric Pressure, Relative Humidity, Wind Speed and Direction, Pyranometry, Rainfall, Soil Moisture
  • Power and Industry – Vibration, AC current, Power Analysis, Distribution Feeder Protection, Noise Level, Intrinsically Safe Pressure and Explosion Proof Pressure, Inclinometry
  • Security – Underground Seismic Detection

Ayyeka’s partner sensor suppliers include the following:



The Wavelet sends cyber secure data to the Ayyeka cloud server, which hosts a highly functional and intuitive Web User Interface (WUI).  The WUI provides:

  • Geo-location of the Wavelet kit
  • “Auto networking” of all devices accessible by the user
  • Visualisation of current and historical data
  • User configurable alerts by text message and email
  • User configurable data reporting
  • Remote calibration
  • Management of Wavelet devices


Standard software allows communication of data from the cloud server to SCADA systems, and via API, to users’ applications.

On-premise and hybrid solutions are also available.

In Australia, New Zealand and Vietnam, Optimos Solutions supplies and supports the Ayyeka Wavelet kits.

We are working with clients in several application areas, including:

  • Drinking water quality monitoring
  • Aquaculture pond management
  • Wastewater recycling
  • Sewer level monitoring
  • Air quality monitoring




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