Ayyeka provides a range of cyber-secure, plug-and-play, remote monitoring solutions.  Founded in 2011, Ayyeka has a successful installed base in challenging locations and has earned a reputation for excellent sales and service.  Bringing together a state-of-the-art hardware and cloud-based software package, Ayyeka’s solutions are leading the infrastructure monitoring sector into the future.


Ayyeka’s integrated cross-platform solutions are comprised of Ayyeka’s Wavelet hardware, the core of the monitoring kit, which collects and transmits monitored data. The Wavelet is preconfigured to autonomously operate best-of-breed sensors, enabling large scale deployment of smart networks. The collected data is seamlessly transmitted to a private Cloud server, accessible through Ayyeka’s web-based data management system. Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) and third party integration are additionally available through an API.

Ayyeka Wavelet

Wavelet Kits are embedded in every layer from the ground up with the most advanced cyber-secure technology, including sensor authentication and data encryption.

Wavelet Kits are sensor-agnostic, utilizing various configurations of sensors and samplers. Easily installed and operating within minutes, Wavelet Kits can be used to build or extend smart networks.

As an integrated, modular, and preconfigured solution that allows for plug-and-play installation and requires minimal maintenance, Wavelet Kits deliver an attractive total cost of ownership.


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