First Ayyeka Wavelet installation in Vietnam

Novas Technology Co, an automation and control system integration company in Vietnam, has successfully installed the first Wavelet Kit in Vietnam.

Optimos, working together with Ayyeka, negotiated an agreement to carry out a demonstration trial of the Ayyeka remote monitoring technology, measuring and remotely reporting the level in a Combined Sewer Overflow pit in the city of Da Nang.

Ayyeka supplied a pre-integrated Wavelet Ultrasonic Level CSO Kit to Novas for the trial project. Training was provided to Novas personnel via Webinar and You Tube videos.

Optimos and Ayyeka remain in close communication with Novas, throughout the trial, to provide technical assistance and to help ensure the deployment’s success.

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Image of the installed Ayyeka Wavelet in Da Nang, Vietnam.