Technical Sheet

Online Toxicity Monitoring for Chemical Screening

The TOXcontrol uses a decrease in luminescence of the Vibrio Fischeri bacteria as an effect endpoint to measure the toxicity of water samples. The acute test with this bacteria species is one of the most and best known ecotoxicity tests and has been used in ecotoxicological research since the 1980’s.

Technical Sheet


The iTOXcontrol is the most versatile screening and Early Warning System in the world with unique options:

  • Integrated and automated cultivation of the bacteria inside of the instrument.
  • Information can be sent to an internet database to support decision making for alarm monitoring and modelling.
  • Integration of different optional sensors like a UV-VIS sensor or Algae sensor (for Chlorophyll-a and blue-green algae) which creates a combined system for Early Warning and Water Quality Monitoring .



  • Small footprint: 50x50x 183 cm (D x W x H).
  • Communication: integrated 4-20 mA signal, TCP/IP
  • Optional: modem for telephone connection or additional RS232 connection.
  • Very reliable, low running & maintenance cost.
  • TOXview software for data acquisition & evaluation.
  • Can be used with automatic, in-line dechlorination.
  • Optional UV-VIS sensor for TOC, COD, BOD, turbidity, SAC254, NO3-N.


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