Optimos Group proudly announces the launch of Optimos Solutions NZ Limited

Water security in New Zealand is threatened by population growth and urban development, rapidly increased tourism, and expanding industrial, dairy and other agricultural activities.
To aid in the protection of, and to enhance the quality of New Zealand’s precious water resources, Optimos Solutions will provide the most advanced real-time, continuous monitoring and treatment technologies and will work with national and regional government bodies, water authorities, specialist consultants and industry to achieve the common goal of “Water Security for All”.
The Optimos Solutions NZ Limited team, based in Wellington and led by Neil Mackay, is supported by dedicated Optimos Group professionals with extensive experience gained from projects in Australia, USA, UK, Israel, Vietnam and China.
The solutions we provide are ideally suited to monitoring and managing the urban and regional water and wastewater challenges in New Zealand and we look forward to enhancing the future success of Environment Team New Zealand.