QualitEye™ + Information Engine™


Are you really delivering safe drinking water?

So you’ve treated the water, it’s left the treatment plant – what happens next?
For many utilities, the distribution system can be a black hole for information.
The water goes in, it reaches the customer, but there are so many variables in between.



With QualitEye™ and Information Engine™, D2K presents a package that provides real time information, not just data. It allows you to understand quality at defined points in your distribution system such as key interface points, reservoir exit points and at delivery points to specific customers.

QualitEye™ is a benchmark level remote, multi-parameter online water quality monitoring system. It has several very attractive features, including the flexibility to be configured to decrease or increase the parameter suite to tailor it to your budget and needs. Our base model QualitEye™ provides you with real time data on free chlorine residual, ORP, conductivity, pH, turbidity, temperature, line pressure and can take a feed from a flow meter. We can also include disinfection by-product monitoring if that’s what you want. You get what you need.

Information Engine™ completes the package. QualitEye™ data is analysed and presented in a customer-ready format through Information Engine™. The system is designed so that you get the information you need, when you want it, wherever you are. You can tailor it so that you see what is relevant for you. The interface is deceptively simple, you are not bombarded with screens, but you can dive as deeply as you want.